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About Monique

I am a graduate of Auburn University's interior design program, an affiliate of ASID & IIDA and currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama. I also have a passion for art. My aesthetic as a designer and artist is whatever I feel in the moment. I believe art and design is like water, it flows into many different concepts and is constantly changing which is why I want my work to embody that. I love movement, femininity and nature which is usually always displayed in my work. I would love to be able to help you design your spaces, edit your photos or create an original art piece for your space! I hope you enjoy what I have created. Please contact me, if you have any questions!

I am a designer, but i also decorate

Most people think Interior Designers are decorators; however, we do a lot more than decorate. Designing includes architecture, space planning with furniture, material selection, and so much more. Decorating is more along the lines of pillows, throws, accessories and more. Since I am a recent college graduate, I am doing a lot of decorating, but I am more than capable to design your home, office or outdoor space. 

the meaning of joinissi

My mother wanted to name me something symbolic of her faith in Jesus. But, she didn't want it to feel like she was branding me with her faith incase I decided someday I didn't want the same faith as her. So she decided to make my middle name "Joinissi". Jehovah-nissi means "the Lord is my banner." My banner of victory, and I'm sure we all know what Joy means. So she combined Jehovah-nissi and Joy to create "Joinissi". She wanted this to be my middle name so if I decided I wanted to follow Jesus, I could embrace this name. Which leads me to today, where I have decided to embrace it, wholeheartedly and create a brand simply from this name, the symbolism tied to it and the faith that has brought me to realize who my banner of victory is.

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